Did you know that IG-88 downloaded himself into the Death Star, to take control of the planet-destroying machine, just seconds before it was blown up for the second time in Return of the Jedi? That's probably because you didn't read Star Wars: Tales of the Bounty Hunters like I did! Yes, I used to be the kind of Star Wars fan that chased down the side stories of even the most meaningless character. Need the backstory on the Max Rebo Band? Want to tell me about the home life of Mamow Nadon? This was the kind of minutia I thrived on.

My tastes have changed, but it's heartening to know there are others out there that are just like me. Topless Robot compiled a list of the 10 Star Wars characters with completely unnecessary backstories. Unnecessary?! I'm sorry, but I need to know why Dannik Jerriko smokes a hookah! I can't truly enjoy the films on the level they were meant to be enjoyed unless I know the life story of Salacious Crumb! How else am I supposed to feel for him and get emotionally attached to his character?

Most of these backstories are pulled from ancillary comics and novels, and can be read over on Wookiepedia, so that when the Rancor Keeper weeps, you can weep along with him.
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