I was pretty impressed with Adam Green's throwback slasher flick Hatchet. While the title has divided genre fans in a lot of instances (some found it corny), I think Green's heart was in the right place and the film was a gory good time. So, naturally, I'm excited about Hatchet II -- the filmmaker's follow-up and the continuation of the Victor Crowley saga.

The film is set to make it's big screen debut on October 1st -- just in time to kick off an exciting Halloween season. The best part of this news is that Green and distributor Dark Sky Films will be releasing Hatchet II unrated -- with all the gore and Victor Crowley mayhem intact and the way it was meant to be seen!

AMC Theaters will be showing the unrated cut of the film as part of its AMC Independent program. This means the uncut version of Hatchet II will be shown theatrically in the top 20 markets in the United States.

Green is obviously excited by this news. "Having a movie as graphically over the top as Hatchet II come out in major theatres unrated is an absolute dream come true -- not only for the genre fans but for the entire make-up effects crew who normally have to watch their amazing achievements get sliced and diced for theatrical release. This is an important event for the horror genre and I hope the real horror fans support Hatchet II and help change the way genre films are released theatrically from this day forward. Kudos to Dark Sky Films and AMC theaters for truly honoring the spirit of old school American horror and doing this right. Gorehounds won't know what hit them!"

There you have it from the man himself. Support Hatchet II and maybe we'll start seeing more unrated horror on the big screen.

Hit the jump to check out the trailer. Hatchet II features performances from Danielle Harris, Tony Todd, and Kane Hodder -- a trinity of genre icons in the making.
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