For years I've tried to think of an appropriate mascot for Cinematical. For a while there I thought it was going to be my own cat, Jones the Cat, but he's grown rather leery of flash bulbs over the last year (plus I'm lazy). Then a few weeks ago a Twitter friend directed me towards a web comic that I think is really quite special. Hey Pais ("Pais" is short for "Paisley") is not always "LOL" funny, but as I told its creator last month, there's a real warmth, sweetness and observational accuracy to the strip. Plus, yes, it's often very funny. Doubly so if you're a cat fancier, but that's not required.

Best of all, it seems that little Pais is a huge movie buff! Over the next few weeks we'll be reprinting some of Paisley's most insightful movie mews, with complete permission from both kitty and owner, and you'll find our inaugural strip right after the jump. If you'd like to see more from this oddly articulate little feline, please do visit her official site (and Twitter) and scan back through the archives.

Plus it just sort of feels right to run a comic strip on Cinematical, y'know?
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