The love shown to Lisa Cholodenko's The Kids Are All Right, plus popular television shows like Modern Family and Glee, have revealed a new, open-arm policy to gay themes and culture in Hollywood. It's an advancement that's led USA Today to state: "When it comes to gay marriage and gay families, politicians are still bickering and courts are still deliberating. But in entertainment, it's all over but the shouting."

The piece goes on to note the many changes in the representation of gay characters, transitioning from what David Hauslaib (Queerty) calls "from minstrel acts and punch lines to relatable everyday characters." He sees this as a "new era where [being a gay family] is no longer a significant part of the story." Now films like Kids are showing gay families in everyday scenarios, rather than simply doomed through ignorance and hatred.

It is -- for sure -- a step in the right direction. Or, better put, a leap in the right direction, but should we go so far as to say that the fear is gone?
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