America had Dawn of the Dead, England had Shaun of the Dead, so it seems only fitting that Cuba gets Juan of the Dead. Today we bring you not one, but two, teaser trailers highlighting what we can expect when this "slacker versus zombies" film hits sometime next year.

When the zombie apocalypse hits Cuba, 40 year old slacker Juan finds his calling in life -- he starts a business wherein he comes to slaughter your undead loved ones for a fee. Things seem to be going pretty well, except the zombie infestation is getting out of control and most of Cuba's citizens have taken to the water to escape. Armed with his trusty boat oar, Juan takes it upon himself to become Cuba's defender, the last man standing against the ever-increasing zombie hordes. Lots of hilarity and carnage follows.

Two new teasers are online now. The first is a montage highlighting the overall story arc. The second is a more specific scene with Juan and an associate doing their thing in a commercial for their business. It ends with a funny tagline saying "Juan of the Dead: Killing Your Beloved Ones in 2011."

Juan is another in a long line of low budget zombie comedies, but I'm hoping this one lives up to its potential. It's interesting to see a Spanish language zombie film with a hero who isn't your typical American. That alone makes it fairly unique -- and if the humor is engaging, Juan of the Dead may well turn out to be a cult hit.

Hit the break to check out the clips and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

[via Bloody-Disgusting]
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