Judge MintyThere are a myriad of fan films out there that suck the royal cheese, but occasionally we are treated to an aspiring director that "gets it". With that in mind, I present to you the fan-made trailer for 'Judge Minty,' a character in the Judge Dredd universe.

The colors and style remind me a bit of the 'Sin City' movie (and the Frank Miller stylistic follow-up, 'The Spirit,' but with better direction). Perhaps the creators behind the upcoming 'Judge Dredd' remake starring Karl Urban could learn a thing or two from this trailer.

The character of Judge Minty in the comics is a judge that is forcably retired for being too compassionate and sent on the Long Walk through the Cursed Earth. The trick with doing an actual feature on this character is that he has quite a silly name. Why not just call him "Judge Fluffy" and be done with it?
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