Gwilym Hughes, World Record Movie WatcherThe world record-holder for movie watching has died. Gwilym Hughes (pictured), 65, watched more than 28,000 movies in his lifetime and held the Guinness World Record since 2008, according to BBC News. Hughes didn't see his first film until he was 8 years of age, but more than made up for lost time, averaging 10 to 14 films per week in his later years. That works out to an average of 500-700 movies per year (?!). Hughes, a painter and decorator, kept detailed records on every movie he saw.

It's a staggering record. I consider myself a huge movie addict, but I probably only see somewhere in the mid-300s per year. In part, that's because I spend a good chunk of time writing about what I see. Also, I try to enjoy a balanced media diet of movies, television, comics and graphic novels, websites, and so forth. Over my lifetime, I've probably seen somewhere in the vicinity of 10-12,000 movies.

Which makes me feel like a slacker compared to Mr. Hughes, many of my colleagues here at Cinematical, and many of you out there in reader-land. To be fair, I've only occasionally tried to catalog what I've seen, and good record-keeping might help. Do you keep track of every movie you've ever seen? Do you use online tools, or just a good old notebook or index cards (like Peter Bogdanovich)? Do movies you've only seen in part count (somehow)? How many movies have you seen this year? this decade? in your lifetime?
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