James MarstersFor those of you that miss James Marsters (a.k.a. Spike, Brainiac, Captain John Hart and a slew of others in the world of science fiction) on television, there is some good news. He has been cast as the lead in a new SyFy series called 'Three Inches' from one of the writers of 'Twin Peaks.'

Marsters plays Troy, the leaders of a band of misfit superheroes with substandard powers. For example, the main character of Walter in the show can move things with his mind, but only for three inches. Hence the title.

The concept of superheroes with unimpressive powers has already been done in the comics with concepts like 'The Inferior Five' and 'The Legion of Substitute Heroes.' But then, people always root for the underdog.

The series will begin with a 90-minute pilot. One item must be mentioned: the show is being produced by Fox who has long had a poor association with science fiction television. You have been warned.
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