For over a year now, the Jim Carrey-Ewan McGregor gay prison romance/comedy, I Love You, Phillip Morris, has been trying to secure a distribution deal despite boasting a pair of A-list stars. Why? Well, because even in 2010, it's awfully hard to market a gay prison romance/comedy such as this.

After nothing happened at Sundance '09 and release dates this past February, March, April and July got bumped back, Roadside Attractions -- the force behind Winter's Bone, Good Hair and The Cove -- has taken over domestic distribution for the constantly troubled film and set their sights on December 3rd, right in the midst of awards season.

Even if Carrey and McGregor don't nab some nominations for themselves (they're both quite good in the film, but it's tough to call anything this early), it'll at least be a raunchy relief from all the super-serious Oscar fare that will be taking up screens around that time of year.