Take Before Sunrise or Before Sunset, make it a little more raw, a little more dysfunctional, and a lot more bitchy and sarcastic and you've got Julie Delpy's 2007 comedy 2 Days in Paris. The film followed Delpy's Marion and Adam Goldberg's Jack as they visited Paris and fell into romantic turmoil when faced with French customs, Marion's parents, a certain nude snapshot, and most importantly, Marion's many exes.

Earlier this year, Delpy announced a sequel -- 2 Days in New York -- where Jack is out, a baby is in, and Marion has a new lover. Thinking of Jack and Marion's bickering ways, and I mused that maybe Chris Eigeman could take on the gig. Their banter would be brilliant! But when she said "well-known US actor," it looks like she might have meant it and found a whole other Chris entirely.

Though who he'll play has not been announced, Chris Rock has joined the cast.
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