Who's that sexy undead leader in 'Vampires Suck', seductively licking his lips, whipping his cape and rocking the white, white pancake makeup? It's Ken Jeong, of course, the most awesome doctor-turned-actor ever (He also recently hosted AOL's Geek Awards).

No matter what he's in, Dr. Ken's signature in-your-face hilarity ensures he steals every scene. Whether he's kicking ass while naked in 'The Hangover', scolding slackers on 'Community' or dishing out advice in 'Couples Retreat', he brings a certain je ne sai quoi to all of his roles.

His latest role is the mysterious Zolturi leader Daro in the spoof 'Vampires Suck.' While the spoof genre has gotten a little stale since the Wayans Brothers stopped making parodies, I'll see pretty much anything if Dr. Ken is in it. My only beef is that he's always a supporting character, and never a lead. Note to Hollywood studios: Dr. Ken can carry a movie. Just give him a chance!
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