Angelina Jolie Takes Over the WorldI've often thought, as I put on a dress, 'Adam Sandler would look lovely in this!' Alright, I'm kidding. But we'll soon have a chance to check him out in a frock in the upcoming film, 'Jack and Jill.' And starring with him? Katie Holmes and Al Pacino! You're rubbing your eyes right now, thinking you might have read that wrong, aren't you? I'll give you all the details. (Source: THR)

As if Angelina Jolie isn't busy enough with her hot hubby, zillion kids and saving the world, she's about to take on a new role. Director. And I'm guessing she'll be fantastic. I bet she never even failed a spelling test. I'll let you know what she's helming. (Source: The Wrap) Check out the video after the jump.