They say you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but whatever. They say a lot of things. They say you're not supposed to send text messages during a movie, too, and everyone still does it. So when I saw the trailer for Life As We Know It the other night -- the figurative cover for this figurative book -- and sat there, agape, astonished at the misery I was witnessing, I jotted down a few thoughts. The trailer is posted after the jump; check it out, then see if any of your thoughts resemble mine.

- Boy, they are not going to give up on this Katherine Heigl thing, are they? The combination of Grey's Anatomy and Knocked Upmade her a star, but everything she has done since then has been awful. 27 Dresses? More like 27 Messes! Killers? More like Please Kill Her! The Ugly Truth? More like The Ugly Stupid Romantic Comedy That I Hate, and Also Please Kill Her! She has a dour, scolding persona, and she keeps choosing formulaic romantic comedies that wouldn't be good even if someone fun were in them. Whichever diabolical Hollywood organization is pushing the Katherine Heigl agenda, it needs to be stopped, through an act of Congress if necessary.