After Dark Films, the guys who bring you each year's Horrorfest, have made the jump from distributing smaller horror films theatrically to producing their own projects. One of the films on their slate is Transit -- and THR has the latest casting news on the project.

Elisabeth Rohm, Diora Baird (who probably gets topless...) and Harold Perrineau have already been cast in the title, but now Jim Caviezel has landed a role as well. That's right, Jesus Christ himself will be appearing in this movie. That's gotta be a good sign, right?

Antonio Negret is directing the thriller, about a group of thieves fleeing after a bank robbery. They stash the loot in a family's SUV. When the family heads off for their camping trip, they have no idea that a bloodthirsty group of thieves is right on their tail -- hoping to get their money back. Caviezel will play the protective father.

So far, Transit doesn't sound overtly like a horror flick, but maybe the criminals are really into torture or something. I suspect we'll learn more about the project as it begins filming in the near future.
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