has served as a template for many things -- including how to make cool looking motorcycles with groovy lights, how to make a big budget flop that somehow becomes a cult classic and spawns a sequel, and so on. Now it can add one more thing to the list: how to have sex.

Geeks everywhere will be delighted to discover this new Tron-a-Sutra video that turned up recently over at Thanks to some enterprising filmmakers and two people who weren't afraid to hook up in virtual reality, lovelorn nerds everywhere can now learn countless new positions for that magical day in the future when they actually get a date.

Presented in jargon every wannabe hacker can understand (insert your dongle into her USB port ... ) this is sure to take the mystery out of all your future romantic interfaces. You'll be downloading your files into that special someone in no time.

Needless to say, this is the ultimate tutorial for the tech-head crowd. Chronicling over twenty positions in all, this pretty much guarantees that you and your sexytime partner won't be bored "transferring data between servers."

If you find missionary sex filthy, then you probably don't want to hit the jump -- or anything else for that matter. For the rest of us, head past the break to check out a few stills. And don't worry, there are better and more interesting positions on the WonderHowTo site to ogle -- all gloriously NSFW.