"Welcome to Fright Night....for real!"

Fright Night, directed by Tom Holland

You guys do follow the Horror Squad Movie Club right? Our own Brian Salisbury selected the awesome 80s horror flick Fright Night for this week's edition, so of course, I followed along! Fright Night is a fried slice of 80s gold made expressly for horror movie geeks. Young Charley Brewster has a comfortable high school existence until a vampire moves in next door. Where can Charley turn for help when no one will believe him? The great vampire killer Peter Vincent, of course! Roddy McDowall plays Vincent, an aging actor who made a name for himself in a string of films and roles not too far removed from Hammer and Peter Cushing. With the glory days fading Vincent finds himself hosting a cable access program showcasing his greatest films. The program is aptly titled Fright Night!

The awesome meta aspect of an actor who played a vampire killer on film, being faced with the existence of actual vampires is like sweet gravy poured over the mountain of mashed potatoes that is the rest of the film. It's a solid 80s horror film in its own right, with a pumping synth soundtrack and even a sweet dance scene inside a club, but the acknowledgment of vampire lore and cannon specifically presented in movies just makes everything that much cooler for a movie geek. The fact that this is the second time this film has popped up in a What We're Watching in as many weeks should let you how serious we are about this being a lot of fun. With a studio remake on the way, what better time to check this one out? If you haven't seen Fright Night, I implore you torectify that situation immediately!

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