Except for the few post-Labor Day states, school has started in the majority of the country, so this week's '10 for Families' is back-to-school themed. There are once again some '80s goodies (what can I say, I loved my primary-and-middle-school decade) with some more contemporary picks and a holdover from last week in case you're still desperate for some theatrical concessions. So take a two-hour break from the academics this weekend and watch one of these with your family. The selections vary from G-rated musicals and documentaries to R-rated dramas, so there's something for every family configuration. (For more on this weekend's new releases, check out our What to See guide.)

1. For High-School Classics: 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'(PG-13) - on DVD
Who's In It:
Matthew Broderick, Alan Ruck, Mia Sara
What It's About:
Caution: Teens, don't try this at home. You're most likely not as smart as Ferris, and your parents are surely not as easy to push over as the Buellers. On the bright side, you definitely don't have a principal with a personal vendetta like Jeffrey Jones' unforgettable, unstoppable Principal Rooney. If Broderick's entire career came down to just one film, it would be this: his Ferris is clever, witty, handsome, wealthy, popular and hip -- if a bit selfish. This adventure in a day of skipping school isn't iconic because of nostalgia factor (although there's loads), but because it's just that good. Ohhh yeaaah.

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