One of the hottest new videogames to emerge this year is Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption -- an open-world mission-based title that plays something like Grand Theft Auto in the Wild West. Having sold over five million copies on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it's one of the biggest titles of 2010.

With that kind of buzz, it's only natural that Hollywood would come knocking. The game follows outlaw gone straight John Marston as he's forced to hunt down the members of his former gang for the government. His incentive for doing this good deed? The government is holding his wife and child hostage. Marston then spends the rest of the game engaging in duels, raiding forts, helping the local citizenry, and hunting down his targets.

A film version seems ripe with potential -- and Brad Pitt is currently the front runner to play Marston. Sources close to the project say, "Brad is perfect for the role and he is being given first refusal." I'm not sure he's perfect (he's a little too pretty to play the grizzled and scarred Marston in my estimation), but I can definitely see him in the part.

The source also outlined some plans for what they hope to achieve with the film: "The idea is to make this in the style of an epic Western movie but with a few modern touches." I'm all for more "epic westerns", but that modern touches part makes me a little nervous.

Of course, this is all a big fat rumor at this point -- but it's pretty fun to imagine what a film version Red Dead Redemption starring Pitt might look like.

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