Oh, those wacky uber-nerds. While their collective brainpower could be out genetically engineering things and constructing new science-y stuff like molecules and . . . things. Instead, they're putting a TARDIS on top of a campus building. Greeting incoming freshmen as they make their way around campus is Doctor Who's own 1950's-era London police box. This is just the latest in the university's long history of IHTFP's (Interesting Hacks to Fascinate People). It's been going on for decades. Some of them must have taken an Ocean's 11 level of time, money, and planning, but all of them have various degrees of geek cred. I may mock these budding geniuses, but in reality, I'm jealous. Had I seen something like this at my unnamed university, I would have squealed with joy. But no, I had to deal with the more traditional college pranks of spraying urine on people or finding a dead squirrel nailed to the door of my dorm.

Thanks to Wired for the scoop. Check out larger photos of the hack here.
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