If you want me to be putty in your hands, all you have to do is slip me into a The Venture Brothers haze. In my humble opinion, there is no show on television -- or film that's graced the screen -- that has more wonderfully and gracefully mixed pop culture into a fantastical world. Graph paper-sex a la Dungeons and Dragons makes men murderous, prog rock makes boys into superscientists, henchmen wield lightsabers like that poor YouTube sensation, and Nancy Drew gets split into Nancy and Drew -- fiery young vixens ready to deflower young men. It mixes all walks of pop-culture life into one ever-amusing series.

On the big screen this summer, there was another sort of pop culture fest -- Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. With a much more manageable reach, the film focuses primarily on video game fandom.

So what happens when the two meet? Hank and Dean stop joining their peace-signed-finger V's for "Go Team Venture," and join their pointer fingers for "Go Team Pilgrim!"
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