Ryan Kwanten in the upcoming indie thriller 'Red Hill'

Indie Roundup is your weekly guide to what's new and upcoming in the world of independent film. Pictured above
: Ryan Kwanten in Red Hill (see Deals after the jump).

Opening / Expanding. Why not try something different and head to the art house for the last weekend of the month? Among the limited releases that are opening or expanding:
  • Centurion. The latest from Neil Marshall (The Descent) is a bracingly violent adventure. See Scott Weinberg's review.
  • Mesrine: Killer Instinct. The first part of an epic that explores the brutal life of a French gangster in the 60s and 70s.
  • Daniel y Ana. The close relationship between a young woman, about to be married, and her teenage brother is put to the test when both are kidnapped.
  • Change of Plans. A summer dinner party reveals secret affairs of the heart in a comedy by Daniele Thompson.
  • Get Low. Robert Duvall gives an extraordinary performance as a recluse come to settle affairs with his very unusual funeral plans; Bill Murray is an accommodating funeral home owner; with Lucas Black and Sissy Spacek. Expands onto 570 screens. Check Scott Weinberg's review.
Late Summer DVD Spotlight. This week has been jam-packed with new indies on DVD, as I mentioned the other day, and that's not unusual as films jockey for attention. Unfortunately, some get missed, and that's the case with New York Street Games, a recent documentary that's now available on Amazon. Directed by Matthew Levy and narrated by Hector Elizondo, the film covers games that, mostly, I've never heard of: Boxball, Ring-o-leavio, and Skully. Folks like Keith David, Ray Romano, and Regis Philbin relate their stories. More information is available at the official site.