People love watching 10 year-old children beat the utter crap out of each other. That's really the only explanation as to how this summer's reboot of the Karate Kid franchise grossed nearly $300 million worldwide (I'd call it a re-imagination, but that would suggest that the inexplicably entertaining film actually re-imagined anything). And so it's not much of a surprise that plans for a sequel are already in motion. The Hollywood Reporter is claiming that Kung Fu Pandascribes Cyrus Voris and Ethan Reiff have been tapped to write the next installment, an appropriate choice given that Dreamworks' animated feature was another bit of kids fare that was infinitely more fun than its pedigree suggested it would be. It was also another bit of kids fare in which adorable things spent the majority of the movie attempting to cripple and destroy one another in China, and if that's not a valuable niche to corner in Hollywood, I don't know what is.

Details about the sequel are scant at the moment (there are none), but I'm gonna go ahead and assume that Jaden Smith will return as tiny Dre Parker, and the plot will call for him to kick several people in the chest (and some adult thugs in the groin to great comedic effect). I think the greater scale a sequel calls for would require some more nefarious grown-up foes, but the details will probably depend on how much he's grown by the time production rolls around. If they piggyback on what worked the first time around, there's a very good chance that The Karate Kid 2 could just be one 125-minute training montage (think the last 20 minutes of Requiem for a Dream, but with more waxing on and off. And slightly less naked Jennifer Connelly).
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