The bafflingly poor box-office showing for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World has led some to wonder if the problem is "Michael Cera burnout" -- that audiences are a tad weary of seeing Cera play the same laid-back, wry, doe-eyed teen in role after role. Well, get ready for Michael Cera to change gears and show a side you've never seen before! Okay, not really. The Wrap reports that Cera's developing a TV show for FX entitled "13th Grade" about ... wait for it ... a high-school graduate who seeks to improve his life after being dumped by his girlfriend.

Executive-producer Cera will not, surprisingly, be taking on the main role himself, but will appear in a cameo in the pilot. One of his producing partners, Emily Kapnek, was consulting producer on NBC's "Parks And Recreation" and a co-executive producer for seven episodes of the first season of HBO's "Hung." Kapnek and Cera are writing the pilot with Derek Waters and Paige Gullivan.

Check out this short version of "13th Grade" created by Water and Gullivan for an idea of what to expect -- it looks a bit like what you'd get if you jammed "Community" into a wood chipper with Scott Pilgrim:
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