The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Those words set my synapses on fire. It's a Pavlovian response. My ears immediately perk up at the sound of a chainsaw or at John Laroquette's deep tones. You know how you can always pick your name out of a bustling party if someone utters it? I can do that, but it's whenever someone says 'Leatherface'. I even live just a few miles from where the original was filmed, but that was by chance. I promise. I'm not that guy. Yes, I've seen the film more times than is healthy, along with all of the deteriorating sequels and remakes. Few films have yet to capture the carnal, teeth-grinding insanity of the original. Even if Tobe Hooper claims he was shooting for a PG rating, you will be hard pressed to find that few things that will punch you in the throat like this flick.

And after the jump is my favorite scene. It's not just my favorite scene in the film. I think it's my favorite death scene of all time. The quiet leading up to it, the spooky pig noises, and the first appearance of Leatherface himself turn the entire film on its ear.

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