I'm in an impossible position here. It's a dilemma that only Jigsaw himself could come up with. Or maybe my partner, @Kaylakro. With this video, I've found that I have to argue against Poltergeist. Not only was it difficult to come up with solid points to use in my attack, but it felt like such a betrayal. I was selling out the Freeling family! I would have had an easier time drowning a kitten or smashing my DVD collection with a hammer. Before you spam me with well-deserved hate, let me once again explain the conceit of The Deadly Debates. Kayla and I choose a film. One of us takes for and the other, against. I've had some lay-ups in the past, arguing for The Exorcist or against Troll 2, but this one? This one really tests my acumen as a master of debate.

And I have to admit, I failed.

For those of you who have no business reading this website, Poltergeist is about your typical suburban family. After discovering their home is infested with ghosts, their daughter, young Carol Anne, mysteriously vanishes. What follows is an escalating battle with dark forces and a spectacle of Spielberg wizardry.

Check out the video after the jump. Let us know what you think!
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