With the Toronto International Film Festival right around the corner, the trailer has just launched for one of the many films making it's premiere there. Adam Wingard, who made a handful of movies I've never heard of, brings us A Horrible Way to Die. The tale follows an escaped murderer in pursuit of his ex-girlfriend, who has fled to start a new life in a small town. OK, so that premise doesn't do much for you. In fact, it sounds like something you'd find on Lifetime, something you would go out of the way not to watch. That said, it does have the unbridled manliness of both AJ Bowenand his beard. AJ, as readers of HorrorSquad may know, is a friend of the site and has joined us for a chat to discuss the cult hit he starred in, The Signal.

But back to the trailer. Remember that 'Lifetime' jab I took at the premise? I take it back. Check out the trailer HERE. Looks kind of intense, does it not? While Bowen is caught up in the pre-release hype of Hatchet II, hopefully we'll be able to get some tidbits about this indie excursion from him, as well.
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