For most movie goers the summer season is typically a time of blockbuster escapism. For Hollywood, however, these hot months are a proving ground that will ultimately separate what's popular from what isn't. If a presumed hit stinks, all movie goers are out is a couple bucks and few hours, but chances are someone in Tinseltown is catching hellfire for the failure. If a release does end up becoming a legitimate blockbuster, though, chances are someone in Tinseltown is making damn sure a sequel enters production just as soon as the ink dries on their bonus check.

Now that the 2010 summer movie season is winding down, I think we should start talking about what films, if any, of the past few months are actually deserving of a sequel. Sure, a profitable box office haul will go a long way to usher a long a sequel, and some have even already been given the go ahead, but I'm not talking about what the industry thinks it can make more money off of; I'm talking about what fans would actually like to see more of.

There are plenty of movies from this past May to August to chose from, but I've narrowed the below poll down to what I feel are the most popular choices (feel free to write in your own, naturally). As for my own personal picks, I would certainly like to see the casts of both The A-Team and The Expendables on further adventures - and I'd absolutely love to see Alexandre Aja make another Piranha movie - but if I had to narrow it to a single choice, I'm going with Salt. Perhaps it was low expectations, but its breathless pacing and comic-yet-straight-faced action made for my most pleasant surprise of the summer.

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