We all have our movie blindspots, movies that we know we need to see but simply haven't gotten around to seeing yet. Sometimes, it's because a movie isn't on DVD and can only be seen when a rare film print makes its way to the dingy independent theater on the bad side of town. Sometimes, it's because the movie is supposedly "important" and "important" movies are daunting and often boring and if you say you don't like it, you'll find a dozen film fans jumping down your throat, demanding to know why you're such a loser and why didn't you get it and you obviously weren't giving it your complete attention-

You the get the point. What I'm trying to say is that io9 has compiled a most excellent list of classic science fiction films that everyone must see. Sort of a Science Fiction Films 101 sort of thing. Twenty five films, from 1927's Metropolis to this year's Inception, that should form the basic core of any sci-fi junkie's film education. Not to brag, but I've seen all of 'em. How about you?

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