reports that Warner Bros. bought a pitch for a World War II film centered on the Battle of Midway, an early, pivotal WWII battle (June 4-6, 1942) for the United States (positively) and the Japanese (negatively). Warner Bros. purchased the pitch from Bruce C. McKenna, a writer-producer on the recently concluded, Emmy-nominated HBO series, The Pacific. McKenna impressively wrote or co-wrote seven of the miniseries' ten episodes. McKenna was nominated for co-writing the last episode in the series.

Under the deal, McKenna will deliver a completed screenplay in just eight weeks. In case you're wondering, eight weeks isn't a long time to work on and deliver a filmable script, but Warner Bros. executives obviously liked McKenna's plans for bringing the Battle of Midway to the big screen, in 3D no less, to fast-track the first step in production. Deadline's report doesn't mention McKenna's involvement beyond writing the screenplay, but he'll likely produce, if not direct, the 3D war film. According to Deadline, McKenna's film has a price tag of $200 million (or more).
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