It's truly tragic that not enough people turned out to theaters to make the first Ghost Shark film a hit, which is precisely why Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws is going straight-to-video. It doesn't deserve that fate, though. It deserves to be seen on the silver screen. You just cannot properly capture the majesty of an ethereal great white shark on a television. To confine it to the small screen is an insult to the memory of the hundreds upon hundreds of souls who have been delivered unto the afterlife in his incorporeal jaws.

But alas, Ghost Shark 2 is not fated for the big screen. Actually, it's not fated for anything but you're computer screen. It's just a trailer; two minutes and thirty-one seconds of empty promises of a salty old seadog cursing the titular beast's unholy existence whilst he tries to hunt it down. Again.

Update: My apologies to the fine men and women behind Ghost Shark 2. I see so many of these concept trailers where the movie is the trailer, I just assumed that was the case with GS2. Not so. Andrew Todd and Johnny Hall are indeed making this a feature film and you can read more about the production here.