Doctor WhoThe popular and cult-ish British series Doctor Who has taken a page from American television programs and will actually be broadcasting its next thirteen-episode season in two halves. Most likely the show will broadcast the first seven episodes around Easter and will end on a serious cliffhanger, according to showrunner Steven Moffat. Then, the remaining six episodes will broadcast sometime in the autumn. Finally, rounding out the year will be the Christmas special broadcast on Christmas (well, duh).

While it's always difficult to wait for the next episode of Doctor Who, this is actually a good idea. One of the smart habits of the American television networks is broadcasting shows in chunks throughout the year to keep them fresh in the mind.

For those Who-addicts that need their entire thirteen episode fix in one shot, you're out of luck. I'd recommend writing an angry letter to Steven Moffat using many exclamation points.

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