stay puft marshmallows

Stay Puft! Who could forget the monstrous marshmallow man who frightened Egon Spengler beyond the capacity for rational thought in the original Ghostbusters? His malevolent grin and violent disregard for church property are forever ingrained in our collective memory. Now, thanks to some very nerdy food manufacturers, you can finally find out what Stay Puft tastes like!

It only took 26 years, but Think Geek has finally developed real-life Stay Puft Marshmallows, just like the ones little Ray Stantz used to roast at Camp Oconda. Well, almost -- these soft and sugary treats are ultra-caffeinated! Why? Because Mr. Stay Puft is no harmless sailor out for a stroll; he's an evil giant pile of goo who wants to make you get all nervous, sweaty, and jittery, just like The Key Master.

For those looking for a cool piece of non-edible Ghostbusters merch, I recommend Think Geek's Ecto-1 License Plate replica. It's just as awesome and refreshingly caffeine free.
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