Last night the Emmy Awards aired, seeing television's finest come out and celebrate the magic of the small screen. Claire Danes' Temple Grandin won five awards, including Best Actress for Danes, who really hasn't had critical love like this since her small-screen, short-lived phenomenon My So-Called Life. Many of the remaining actress accolades even went to women-led television fare -- Nurse Jackie, The Good Wife, and The Closer. Naturally, that got me thinking about the other television series recently making waves -- the still-running Weeds and how that got a boost from Laura Linney and The Big C's killer, record-breaking ratings. Once I got thinking about women on TV, my brain zipped to thoughts of all of the professional ladies on the small screen.

Wherever you turn, working women are everywhere on TV. For some reason, however, while a majority of Hollywood's female roles continue to be cliche-constricted, television is a smorgasbord of female-centric options.
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