Is James Cameron a big hypocrite? You may have found it ironic that the villains in Avatar(which just earned another $4 million through its extended-cut re-release) are the more technologically advanced species, and much of the time their technology is scrutinized, and yet the movie itself is arguably the most technologically advanced we've ever seen. Shouldn't Cameron just go into a forest somewhere and direct primitive, nature-friendly plays? Or should he be forgiven that he's using technology for good, via his movies and through interviews, in which he explains why the digital distribution of films is so environmentally positive: "DVDs are wasteful."

That's a quote from The Washington Post, but we found it copied to the blog Deceiver, which calls Cameron out for hypocritically releasing three separate DVD versions of Avatar -- first there was the bare bones disc, and later this year a special edition will be available, followed by a 3D release next year -- plus being responsible for the production of plastic 3D glasses and plastic Avatar merchandise, such as lunchboxes and toys, while speaking out against wasteful consumer products, including DVDs and bottled water, and how they impact the environment.