You may have already missed this because I don't think we've covered it yet (we all know Cinematical is your only source for everything, c'mon!), but Diablo Cody -- while she awaited the could-happen-in-five-minutes-from-now birth of her child (she just recently spit out a baby boy - congrats!)-- has decided to put together a little web series in which she interviews other Hollywood personalities in the most luxuriously exotic location known to man: the back of a trailer.

Titled Red Band Trailer, Cody has shoveled out four episodes so far, interviewing folks like Adam Brody, Chelsea Handler, Jason Bateman and, in her latest episode, Megan Fox. Each episode runs somewhere in the vicinity of 11 minutes, and they have this sort of vintage, happy-go-lucky game show-ish vibe that occasionally pokes through with some snark. Sorry fellas, but the Megan Fox episode is pretty tame. After talking briefly about traveling to Los Angeles with her mother at 17 and staying at this weird apartment complex that houses all child stars for some reason (seriously, they're called the Oakwood Apartments and they totally housed Frankie Munez, Shia LaBeouf and crazy Hilary Duff hot tub parties), Fox and Cody spend several minutes talking about the way she's been portrayed in the press; how her words are usually taken way out of context by some "journalist" looking for a sound bite.

The best part is not when they play Price is Right with make-out toothpaste and a Jennifer's Body DVD, but when Cody lays it all out on the table and tells Fox that she thinks she's "a very eccentric, strange, weird woman", and that the press can't comprehend the fact that this beautiful girl can also have this absurd sense of self, or as Cody puts it: "I just think you're Crispin Glover-like weird."

Watch the slightly NSFW (beware of F-bombs) video after the jump and let us know what you think. Is Megan Fox really that weird, or is it mostly for show?