An H.P. Lovecraft expert has supposedly read a draft of Guillermo del Toro and Matthew Robbins' At the Mountains of Madness script, and his review - if legitimate - suggests that the film is going to be an absolute orgy of giant monster action, maybe at the expense of genuine Lovecraftian flavor. brings us word that TempleofGhoul's Dejan Ognjanovic had a chance to read a version of the story, and he describes it as a "Hellboy movie without Hellboy, with a light dose of Carpenter's The Thing." The report states that the story is stripped bare of its thick mythos, and instead unspools without much concern for the ominous atmosphere so critical to Lovecraft's writing. Apparently, the plot boils down to scientists trekking to the South Pole in 1930 and inadvertently re-awakening massive (and likely disgusting) creatures that pose a bit of a threat to human civilization the world over. Madness ensues. Madness of either mountainous origin or quantity - the title is a bit unclear.

The review's author - who's a bit of a Lovecraft enthusiast - is dismayed but unsurprised that the rich and complex origins of the beasts has been dropped in favor of contextually hollow action beats that better allow for the plethora of creatures that del Toro will inevitably bring to the screen. In fact, he writes that "There's relatively little stress on atmosphere" and that "Once the action starts around the 30-minute mark, it never stops," suggesting that this James Cameron-produced 3-D Mountains of Madness is going to be powered by adrenaline rather than nightmarish spectacle.
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