'Avatar: Special Edition 3D' Didn't Drag You Back to PandoraI'm not sure re-naming something is going to make it any better. It certainly isn't going to fool people into seeing it. Well, it looks like 'Mission Impossible 4' is getting a brand new name in addition to it's brand new star. Are you guys excited for this one? Do you love Tom Cruise-action star or would you rather see him in a fat suit, yelling at young Hollywood stars? Let me know at jenna@moviefone.com. (Source: Variety)

This week's box office was a bit of a surprise. Especially to fans of 'Avatar.' Not sure where you all were this weekend, but you certainly weren't seeing that! I'll give you the numbers and let you know what I think happened. What did you see at the theater? Check out the video after the jump.

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Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol
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