What hath Batman Begins wrought?

First, they rebooted Batman. They rebooted the Hulk. They rebooted the Punisher. They're rebooting Spider-Man and Daredevil. For better or for worse, studios no longer have any hesitation to begin a series anew with a bright, clean new slate if the first entry or two failed to light the world on fire. So far, I'm leaning to the "better" side of the equation. Look at Chris Nolan's Batman Begins next to its campy, neon-colored predecessor. Look at the fast and fun Incredible Hulk next to Ang Lee's overwrought, bizarrely dull first film.

As everyone probably already knows, the latest superhero franchise to get the 'ol reboot treatment is the Fantastic Four. Like any multimillion dollar fanboy film featuring superpowered men and ladies in form-fitting costumes, the project has barely gained any steam and rumors all already abound concerning things like actors and directors. You know. The little things.
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