Too soon? It's true that tragedies such as the Titanic and AIDS have had musicals. And I'd go so far as to say Trouble the Water is like a Katrina musical, even if it is a documentary. But September 11? Someone made an indie rock musical about September 11. Yes. Whether or not it seems so wrong, it exists, it's titled Clear Blue Tuesdayand it's opening in NYC this Friday, as you can see by its New York Times write-up. The attack on the Twin Towers happen off screen at the film's opening and then the plot follows 11 characters throughout the 2000s, focusing on anniversaries of 9/11. And most of these characters have their own song to sing.

Director Elizabeth Lucas says the 9/11 movies that have been made until now have been too serious and "overly ponderous." She says we need to "look at ourselves and laugh at our tragedies." Watch the trailer and you will indeed think this is a joke -- a bad one at that. Still, it had to happen sometime. And we've already kind of seen 9/11 inspire works of most genres, including weepy romance and sci-fi monster movie. And everything from comic book movies to horror flicks have dealt with the direct aftermath. The difference is that most of those didn't so directly involve the tragedy itself.

Well, I'll let you judge some of it for yourself before you call it a mistake or offensive. Check out the trailer and a special character trailer with musical number after the jump (see more on the director's Vimeo page or at the Times).