What's this? A new movie featuring Charisma Carpenter? Nay...a new movie starring Charisma Carpenter!

Okay, pardon my enthusiasm. Chalk it up to my unhealthy obsession with tracking Buffy the Vampire Slayer alumni. The last time we saw Ms. Carpenter she was watching Jason Statham ruin people on a basketball court to defend her honor in this summer's The Expendables. Now, it looks like she'll have a less passive role in the upcoming indie horror thriller, Crash Site.

Quoth the Hollywood Reporter:

"The story centers on a family vacation in the woods, during which a couple must fight their way back to civilization through injuries, creepy critters and wild animals after their Jeep crashes."

The surely-doomed husband will be played by Ty Olsson, he of re-ocurring roles on Battlestar Galactica and Defying Gravity, and Jason Bourque, he of more TV productions than you can shake a stick at, will call the shots from behind the camera. Jack and Joseph Nasser, the guys behind FX's Damages, will take on producing duties.
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