- Hah: Apparently no one searched Google for "blue dong" prior to Zack Snyder's Watchmen. [via Reddit]

- Jackie Chan is set to direct and star in the Chinese historical drama The 1911 Revolution. The film is expected to feature a cast of around 70 of China's biggest stars and be done by September of 2011 so as to be ready for release on the 100-year anniversary of the titular revolution. Sounds like a good enough reason to me to climb back into the director's chair (which Chan hasn't done in over a decade).

- Want to know how Neil Marshall pulled off the fireball scene in Centurion? Turns out it was pretty simple: he actually rolled massive fireballs down a hill at his stunt team. Gotta love practical effects (okay, so it wasn't done all in camera, but it was all practical; some of it was just composited together later).

- Looks like the nasty-sounding bed bugs that have invaded NYC movie theaters have also made their way into the main press venue at TIFF. And not only that, but their resurgence as a hot topic has also reactivated interest in a horror movie about the little beasties that was once set up at New Line but has since reverted back to its producers.
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