If you've been eagerly anticipating the name of the director who'll take the directing reins on the Clash of the Titans sequel, then here's your answer (via THR): Jonathan Liebesman. Liebesman is best known for directing The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: TheBeginning and Darkness Falls, both middling (if that) horror efforts, but it's Liebesman's latest directorial effort, Battle: Los Angeles, Leibesman's Black Hawk Down-style alien-invasion flick, set to hit theaters next March, that has impressed studio heads at Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures sufficiently to give Liebesman a shot at an action- and visual-effects heavy blockbuster/tentpole.

Money was apparently a sticking point in negotiations (it usually is), but now that Liebesman and Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures have agreed on a salary, pre-production on the sequel can begin. Given Clash of the Titans $500 million international box-office take, Warner Bros. was (and is) eager to move forward with the sequel. They've already commissioned a treatment for Clash of the Titans 2. Writers Greg Berlanti (GreenLantern), Dan Mazeau, and David Leslie Johnson (Red Riding Hood) contributed to the treatment. Mazeau and Johnson will write the screenplay for Liebesman to direct.
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