I liked Clash of the Titans. Of course, by "like," I mean "I was expecting to love it but found myself completely let down on almost every level by the execution but it was by no means unwatchable." Seriously, on paper, it's a movie tailor-made for undiscerning Greek mythology geeks like myself; a Greatest Hits of characters and ideas and imagery, all wrapped up into a tight action movie package.

I wouldn't blame director Louis Letterier for all of the film's flaws (it feels like a classic case of too many studio executives in the creative kitchen), but apparently someone thinks differently, seeing that he won't be back for the sequel. His replacement? Jonathan Liebesman, best known as the director of the prequel Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake.

Liebsman doesn't seem like an obvious choice for a sword and sandals fantasy epic (his only other previous film of note is the unwatchable Darkness Falls), but Heat Vision is reporting that he's signed on the dotted line after footage from his upcoming alien invasion flick Battle: Lost Angeles impressed the right suits.
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