One of the biggest decisions that horror fans make all year is deciding what to wear for Halloween. When we were younger, plastic masks and apron costumes were all the rage, but these days the horror elite goes all out to create the perfect getup for their favorite holiday. If you're looking for something inspired by the Hellraiser himself, then look no further than this new line of Halloween costumes designed by dark genius Clive Barker.

Barker has teamed up with Halloween costume maker Disguise™ (a division of JAKKS Pacific, Inc.) to launch "The Dark Bazaar" collection. This new line of costumes transforms Barker's unique creations into wearable art -- and includes accessories to round out your getup. All the costumes are based on never before seen characters -- and if you've read Barker you know what kind of sick and beautiful things lurk in his mind ... The new costumes are set to be revealed at Halloween retailers this year.

Personally, as much as I love Barker's vision in pretty much all that he does -- I have to say that I'm not really digging these costumes. They seem perfect for the Halloween goer that wants to pull something off the shelf, but I've never really been that type anyway. I could see using his artwork to inspire a great costume that I created myself. Do you agree with me, or would these designs work for your Halloween needs? Hit the jump to check out more images from his new costume collection.
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