In order to hold on to their Hellraiser rights, Dimension is cranking out yet another direct-to-video sequel for the series, making this outing #9 (by my count) for good ol' Pinhead and the Cenobites.

Whither the big-budget remake of the original, though? The last that we heard, Martyrs director Pascal Laugier was just leaving the project (a pity, considering his experience with gruesome make-up and generally f**ked-up situations). Now, THR is reporting that more recent talks with Christian E. Christiansen (next February's The Roommate) fell apart as well, essentially leaving the film in limbo.

I can only wonder what's keeping Dimension from settling on a helmer. Is it a matter of the budget? Consistent creative differences? Even Doug Bradley, who's played Pinhead for eight films in a row, won't be back for the DTV nine-quel, let alone a remake. Other than the prospect of some grislier modern effects, are any of you really aching for this series to continue or be rebooted? (If you own a share of Dimension, please put your hand back down.)
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