You take Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, Richard Matheson, and Jacques Tourneur, put all those ingredients into one movie and what do you get? The Comedy of Terrors -- a corny disappointment of a horror comedy. If fast-motion, slide whistles, and reaction shots from a cat are the pinnacle of hilarity, then you'll find a lot to love here.

It's not that The Comedy of Terrors is a bad film, just a repetitive, unfunny one. The cast is willing, but the script is weak. Price and Karloff, in particular, seem to be making the most of their roles, and it's obvious they're enjoying a break from their straight-forward horror films. Pity then that Matheson didn't give them something a little meatier to work from. There's not one gag that works, despite how earnest the film's wacky hijinks are.

What did you think? Did the comedy work better for you than it did me? The stars make it watchable, and they come close to making it fun, but it really feels like a waste of such a killer cast.

Watch it all here, and let us know what you think about The Comedy of Terrors.
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