With each new press release, Fantastic Fest - which is no longer just Austin's premiere genre film festival since it is now the largest of its kind in the entire US - keeps getting better and better. FF havealreadyannounced a host of drool-worthy action, horror, sci-fi and just plain oddball films from around the world as part of its programming slate (there are around 30 known titles thus far with even more to come), but the fest isn't just about screenings. No, in true Alamo Drafthouse fashion, it's also about the special events.

So far we've heard about: Fantastic Arcade, a spotlight on indie game developers that will be set up at The Highball, a bar next to the main theater owned and operated by Drafthouse founder Tim League; Nevermore... An Evening With Edgar Allen Poe, a special presentation of Jeffrey Combs' one-man stage play directed by Stuart Gordon; a party featuring the culinary delights of an entire cow cooked Argentinian-style over an open fire by the Drafthouse's executive chef; and Buried with Buried, an event wherein four brave souls will watch the Ryan-Reynolds-Buried-Alive flick while they are themselves are buried alive.

Now joining that already-awesome list of special events will be a ceremony honoring the legendary fight choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping (Drunken Master, Kill Bill, The Matrix, Fist of Legend, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Kung Fu Hustle-- the list goes on). Not only will FF be presenting the man who defined ass kicking for generations with a special Lifetime Achievement Award, but they'll also be world premiering his latest martial arts film, True Legend, as well as a screening of Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (AKA the film that put Jackie Chan on the map).

Hop below to check out the full details.
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