In the annals of hip-hop history, I don't think the lovable duo of Kid N' Play will probably ever get the musical respect of some of your more 'serious' rap artists out there. But they did do one thing right; they made House Party, and their induction into the hall of fame for Scenes (Songs) We Love, has been long overdue. But today we fix that, so let's all go back to 1990 for Kid Vs. Play, and some good natured (but quality) rap battling.

In the teen comedy, the duo starred as high school buddies (in roles originally written for DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, aka Will Smith) who scheme and plot their way into having the party of the year while taking advantage of some parental absences. The usual obstacles from every teen movie find their way into the story, but thanks to performances from comedy heavyweights like Robin Harris (who passed away from a heart attack only nine days after the film's release), John Witherspoon, and Martin Lawrence, the movie is still funny 20 years later (20 years!? I think I may need to lie down).