This is a bad week for mainstream releases. You might want to hit the jump for much more notable indie fare.

Ah, Marmaduke. It delivered what we expected -- a family film to stay away from unless you're an undiscerning and forgiving kid. William Goss wrote in his review: "The under-ten crowd will no doubt delight by the goofy voices, the doggy dancing, the sprinkled-in scatological stuff, while the adults ... well, for any adult, to watch Marmaduke is to stare into the gaping, digitally-enhanced maw of fluffy mediocrity for a ninety-minute stretch of valuable lifetime." Skip it on DVD and Blu-ray.

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Before Ashton Kutcher was killing alongside Katherine Heigl, he was finding the gigolo Spread late last summer. An indie romance about a loser whose life revolves around sugarmommas and his new, pushing-40 squeeze (Anne Heche), Jette Kernion called it "a fake butter substitute of a movie, delivering only an oily imitation of what it promises." Skip iton DVD.

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Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too?
Now it's time for a Tyler Perry sequel. Eric Snider really loved hated the film, writing: "But Perry handles everything so amateurishly, with on-the-nose dialogue and a complete lack of subtlety or nuance. ... Part of me wishes all of Why Did I Get Married Too? were as whacked-out as the Patricia/Gavin story, because then at least it would be campy fun. But most of the drama is much more tame and derivative than that ." Skip it on DVD and Blu-ray.

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