For those of you clamoring for Tom Six to get busy with the follow up to this year's ass-to-mouth favorite, The Human Centipede, you can all rest a little easier knowing that The Human Centipede: Full Sequence has already begun filming! Six has mentioned a sequel for several months now, but hadn't really clued us in on many of the details.

The director made a surprise appearance at UK's Film 4 FrightFest to announce that Full Sequence would be "100% medically INaccurate." Six is of course referring to the fact that for his first fecal feature he consulted a surgeon to design the monstrous human centipede chain -- three people linked together mouth to anus -- created at the hands of a mad scientist (a great performance by Dieter Laser). Six told audiences that filming for the sequel has been underway in London, and that he hopes to show the first screening at Cannes next year.

There are no other details on Full Sequence at this time, but Six has revealed in earlier interviews that the second film will make the first one seem quaint. That alone is squirm-worthy news.

[via Dread Central]
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